Multiple Annual Litters Cause Explosions in Mice Populations

When talking about pests, the statement “there is no such thing as one” is familiar and not the exaggeration many people suspect. Mice are an excellent example. Female mice breed year round. Capable of producing a new litter every 3 to 4 weeks, a single female mouse can give birth to as many as 15 litters per year, although the norm is closer to 5 to 10 litters. With litter sizes averaging 6 to 12 pups each, it doesn’t take a math genius to realize how quickly mice populations can explode.

Even using the most conservative calculations, if a single pregnant mouse takes up residence in an apartment complex or commercial building it can create a rodent infestation of more than 500 mice in just 6 months. Certain mice species that live in polygamous groups (one male and multiple females), such as the common house mouse, can reach overwhelming numbers even more quickly.

To eliminate rodent infestations, animal pathways into the building must be located and sealed, not an easy task given that mice can squeeze through a tiny, dime-sized hole. Stern Environmental solves this problem by employing the innovative Track & Trap mouse control program. Using fluorescent technology, our rodent tracking and trapping service is able to pinpoint mice pathways, allowing mice to be eliminated and entry points sealed against further invasion. Visit our website for full details.