New Jersey Couple Sets House on Fire Battling Bed Bugs

In a classic case of what not to do, a Woodbury, New Jersey couple set fire to their home while trying to remove bed bugs from a bedroom chair. Multiple fire companies were required to battle the blaze which injured one firefighter. The homeowners admitted they had been trying to use heat to remove bed bugs from a piece of furniture. Using a space heater, hair dryer and heat gun on the chair simultaneously, they obviously overdid it!

Bed bugs are susceptible to extreme temperatures, but the problem with heat treatment is that bed bugs must be exposed to a constant minimum temperature of 118°F. for at least 20 minutes; eggs for 90 minutes. As the New Jersey couple found, that’s effectively impossible to achieve safely without specialized equipment or professional services.

Because there has been no mention of the home being infested with bed bugs, it is likely that the chair was a second-hand piece of furniture already infested with bed bugs when the couple brought it into their home. Used, found and second-hand furniture have become a primary method of bed bug infestations in New Jersey homes.

When furniture is infested, Stern offers reliable professional fumigation at an offsite location. We us an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that leaves no residue or film to treat clients’ furniture as part of our bed bug concierge services.