Pavement Ants Can Be a Problem in Commercial Buildings

Pavement ants are the tiny black ants you see swarming over food particles dropped on the sidewalks of New York and New Jersey. These ants typically live under concrete slabs such as patios and sidewalks, but they may also build their nests under concrete slab buildings or in woodwork or masonry cracks inside buildings.

When-pavement ants nest under the concrete floors of commercial buildings, retail establishments or schools, their small size and swarming behavior can create a tremendous problem for building owners. Just 1/8-inch long, pavement ants can swarm into building areas en masse searching for food.

Opportunistic feeders, they’ll eat nearly anything humans eat. As they look for food, pavement ants will swarm over floors, into purses and lunch bags and onto desks; often causing panic among employees, customers or students. Understandably, employees may refuse to return to work in infested rooms until ants are exterminated.

The locations of their nests under concrete slabs and floors makes exterminating pavement ants a considerable challenge that calls for the services of an experienced New Jersey/New York commercial pest control professional. Eliminating any ant problem requires that all nest mates, eggs, immature hat and queens be killed. Pavement ant colonies typically have multiple queens which can make exterminating colonies a considerable challenge and a job for an experienced ant exterminator.