Rats Plague NY & NJ Metro Areas in Summer

Rats are a year-round plague in New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas, but they become particularly bold and problematic during the summer months. New York City’s habit of piling trash at curbside for collection contributes to the city’s constant rat problem, enticing rodents to forage in trash bags, frequently in plain site of pedestrians.

For many commercial enterprises, particularly restaurants, hotels and other members of the hospital industry, rodent control is a constant but necessary battle. Not only can a failed health inspection shut down your business, but it only takes a single rat scurrying across a floor to destroy a business reputation and send customers fleeing.

Effective commercial rat control must address both lower and upper levels of a building. Contrary to popular belief, rats are not just sewer dwellers. Norway rats, which are the most common rodent species in urban areas, do frequently colonize sewers and subway tunnels, but they also build nests in buildings and will even nest in wood piles or in ground burrows. However, roof rats, which prefer to live in attics and the upper stories of buildings, are also a problem in New York and New Jersey urban areas. Effective commercial rodent control must address possible rat colonization in both the upper and lower floors of a building.

Track & Trap rodent control systems identify rodent pathways, helping to prevent recurrence of rodent problems.