Quirky Weather Responsible for Summer Ant Problems

Ants are on the move in New York City and northern New Jersey. These pesky insects are invading apartment buildings, office buildings, restaurants and other commercial establishments at alarming numbers this summer. If your business has been the victim of marauding ants, you are not alone. Summer ant infestations are approaching record levels from the East Coast through the Midwest.

Commercial ant control experts say the quirky weather has created ideal living conditions for ant colonies. Last summer’s drought allowed ant colonies to flourish. The floods that usually wash away and drown enough ant eggs to keep colony populations under control never materialized. The warm winter exacerbated the problem, allowing ant colonies to remain more active that usual during the winter months and protecting larvae from exposure to killing temperatures. As a result, record numbers of eggs hatched this spring, swelling ant populations. The rainy spring only made life easier for New York and New Jersey ant species. Rain-softened soil has made burrowing easier, encouraging underground ant colonies to grow, expand their territory and spread.

Many NYC and NJ businesses and apartment buildings that have always been ant-free are being overrun by these annoying insects this summer. And it is more common than ever for ant exterminators to find multiple infestation sites on the same property. Stop ants dead; call Stern’s commercial ant extermination experts today.