Commercial Pest Control Tips: The Importance of Exclusion

You’ve heard the phrase, “prevention is better than cure”? The same goes for commercial pest control. If you can keep insects and rodents from entering your properties in the first place, you’ll have an easier time controlling their population. That “keep out” tactic is known as exclusion.

Commercial pest control companies specialize in exclusion, and the best services employ both traditional and new exclusion technology to properties where cleanliness is a vital component: food and restaurant organizations; hotels, motels and cruise ships; and hospitals and nursing homes.

Traditional tactics
Cutting off access to pests is central to exclusion. Look for your commercial pest control provider to identify and address areas on properties like cracks in the foundation and vents, and open drain pipes and garbage shoots – all places where bugs and mice might converge. Often a simple closure to such areas will help ensure exclusion.

New technology
If pests have already gotten interior access, your pest control professional combines exclusion with extermination. The innovative Cryonite® carbon dioxide snow treatment is a non-chemical formula that freezes pests dead on the spot. This nontoxic treatment is an ideal choice for sensitive areas like kitchens and electrical housing. The Cryonite allows immediate use after service, and eliminates all life stages of pests without harmful insecticides.

Exclude pests from your property
Rely on Stern Environmental Group’s commercial pest control to keep tenants comfortable all year round.

3 thoughts on “Commercial Pest Control Tips: The Importance of Exclusion”

  1. Really “prevention is better than cure” and therefore we always follow some best usable precautions to become free from pests.
    * Actually pests are very attracted to standing water therefore fix your leaky pipes and remove any useless standing water from around your home.
    * Use exterior lights to keep bugs, insects life silverfish out from your home.
    * Inspect your house plumbing. Ensure that there are no clogs in your sinks and drains inside and outside your home. When drains become clogged, clear it immediately and do a regular monthly checkups.
    Use the above tips to keep your home clean and safe from pests.

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