Smart Rodent Tracking System Allows Fast Extermination

When rodents move into New York City commercial buildings, the toughest part of extermination is figuring out how they’re getting in. Mice can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime, and rats can enter NJ buildings through small holes the size of a quarter which can make these disease-carrying vermin difficult to exterminate. An innovative product called Track & Trap mouse and rat control system takes the guesswork out of finding and eliminating all rodent ingress and egress points, allowing Stern’s knowledgeable rodent extermination experts to eliminate commercial rodent problems quickly and effectively.

How Track & Trap Works

Bait stations coated with a fluorescent chemical are placed in rodent activity areas. As mice or rats come to feed, the fluorescent chemical adheres to their feet and bodies, causing them to leave a trail as they move in and out of commercial buildings. Several days after bait station installation, Stern’s rodent extermination experts return with a special UV light that illuminates rodent trails, allowing our rat and mouse control experts to seal entry points, locate and remove nests and set traps where they will be most effective.

Protect Your Business Reputation

Don’t let rodents nibble away at your business reputation. Nip New York City and northern New Jersey rodent problems in the bud with Stern’s rodent control solutions.