Bed Bugs Overrun NYC Mental Health Department

In an odd twist of fate the very people responsible for guarding the health and happiness of New York City’s residents find themselves under attack — by bed bugs. The blood-sucking insects have infested the city’s 21-story Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in midtown Manhattan. Five floors (and counting) of the building are infested with the nasty creepy crawlies, creating more than a little consternation among the 4,000 employees that work in the building. Workers fear not only being bitten as they’re working but inadvertently taking bed bugs home with them.

This is the second time this year that bed bugs have infiltrated the health department’s 3-year old, $316 million¬†headquarters. But the health department doesn’t stand alone. This year bed bug infestations have also been reported at the Lincoln Center, New York Public Library, Waldorf Astoria hotel and United Nations.

In recent years New York City has consistently ranked among the most bed bug infested cities in the U.S. In the past year, New York City has logged more than 9,200 bed bug complaints. NYC bed bug infestations have risen steadily since 2004 when only 537 infestations were reported.

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