Bug Bomb Explosion Injures 9, Collapses Manhattan Building

A recent Manhattan building explosion is a classic example of what not to do when bugs are bugging you. In an attempt to exterminate cockroaches that were plaguing her beauty shop, a woman set off 24 bug bombs simultaneously. The resulting explosion injured 9 people, 3 seriously, and blew out a load-bearing wall, causing partial collapse of a 5-story building on Pike Street in Chinatown. The Red Cross reported that more than 40 residents of the multi-use residential/commercial building were displaced.

Too often New York City and New Jersey residents and business owners place themselves and their families or employees and customers at risk by failing to follow directions on do-it-yourself pesticide products. When it comes to killing pests, people tend to think that more is better; but overusing pesticide products can create serious health and property risks and rarely eliminates problem pests.

Do-it-yourself pest control, at best, prolongs the problem and usually makes it worse. You may kill a few dozen cockroaches, ants, bed bugs or other invasive pests with sprays or foggers; but hundreds more will scurry out of range and find new pathways into your home or business, making pests that much harder to locate and exterminate.

Stern’s professional cockroach exterminators have the knowledge, skill and EPA-approved products to get rid of invasive pests safely and keep them from coming back.