Time to Protect Your Property from Stink Bug Invasion Is Now

The annual invasion of the brown marmorated stink bug invasion is about to begin and smart New York City and New Jersey commercial building owners have already started scheduling commercial pest control appointments with Stern Environmental. The time to protect your building from stink bug invasion is now before chilly nights force these smelly insects to seek a warm place to spend the winter. Treating exterior building surfaces can help prevent the kind of horrible invasion that occurred when an estimated 100,000 stink bugs took up residence in a Virginia farm shed. (Click here to see the Washington Examiner video.)

An Asian transplant, brown marmorated stink bugs are prevalent in 40 states including New York and New Jersey and do more than $21 billion damage to U.S. crops each year. Pest control should be scheduled before stink bugs begin invading buildings, typically between mid-September and mid-October. Stink bugs seem to be particularly attracted to sunny, light-colored surfaces. In early fall, great numbers of these insects may be seen blanketing sunny exterior building walls. Their goal is to slip inside where they will overwinter in attics and in voids inside walls, behind trim and cabinets and under flooring.

The warm winter has produced a bumper crop of these pests. Don’t wait until these pests start invading. Contact Stern Environmental today to schedule commercial pest control services.