Protect Your Home from Squirrel Invaders

Squirrels may seem cute as they chase each other through the trees, and their acrobatics as they try to snitch seeds from your birdfeeder can be entertaining; but when squirrels move into your attic for the winter their charm quickly dissipates. In the fall, squirrels start looking for toasty places to build their winter nests. If they gain access to the attic of your home or commercial building, they can ruin insulation, damage stored items and even start fires if they chew through electrical wires.

Squirrel-caused fires are more common than you might think. Like other rodents, squirrels’ teeth grow constantly which means they must gnaw constantly to keep their teeth worn down and sharp. A determined squirrel can chew through roofing shingles and underlayment to gain entrance to eaves or attics; although these pesky animals are more likely to enlarge small holes or take advantage of rotted fascia boards to chew an entrance into your home or building.

Once squirrels establish a nest, they will return year after year to the same location, complicating efforts to get rid of these determined critters. Not only can squirrels carry rabies, but they can bring fleas, mites, ticks and parasites into your home or commercial building. Their droppings and food stores can also attract secondary pest infestations.

For safe, effective squirrel removal, call the squirrel removal experts at Stern Environmental.