Innovative Mouse Control System Outsmarts Mice

If you find a mouse in your NYC or NJ building, you can be certain that he’s not alone. As they scamper through your building or warehouse, mice lay down pheromone trails in their urine for their buddies to follow. When mice invade, it takes more than setting out a few traps to get rid of them.

Mice are able to slip through tiny cracks no bigger than a dime. They can follow wires and pipes, travel through sewers and scurry through air vents to gain access to your commercial building. To permanently rid your building of mice, you must first figure out how they are getting into the building and block that access or be prepared to endure a steady stream of these disease-spreading rodents.

An innovative new product called Track & Trap mouse control system outsmarts mice by using their own behavior to reveal rodent entry points and travel pathways. The system uses special bait stations laced with a fluorescent powder that sticks to the rodents’ feet and bodies. When mice leave the bait stations to return to their nests, they leave glowing footprints that are visible with a special UV light. Following these trails, mouse control experts are able to find and remove nests and permanently block mouse access to your building.

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