A Study of the Evolutionary History of Bed Bugs And Cockroaches

Bed bugs and cockroaches are two of the most successful insects in the world. They have been able to adapt to their surroundings in order to survive and live among humans for millions of years.

Scientists have found that these two ancient pests…bed bug and cockroaches, have more similarities than just being a household nuisance. According to reports from the Wall Street Journal on September 29, 2013, dozens of researchers from the American Museum of Natural History in New York and Fordham University will be spending a year mapping the genomes of bed bugs and cockroaches.

The study includes bed bugs that were collected during 1970’s from Fort Dix in New Jersey. The researchers are trying to determine where the bed bugs originated from. They hope that by comparing the collection of fossilized bed bugs from the Egyptian collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the 1970’s bed bugs that they will be able to determine that the bed bugs originated from Europe.

How the study will affect the current bed bug and cockroach infestations that continue to occur throughout the US remains to be seen. But if you are battling bed bugs or cockroaches in New York City or New Jersey, the trained technicians at Stern Environmental Group will be able to eradicate these nuisance pests with top-notch treatment plans.

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