Think Winter Slows Down Bed Bugs? Think Again!

The chill of winter slows down many of the insect species that plague us during the summer months. But winter is not an insect-free zone, particularly where bed bugs are involved. During the winter, you may hear less about bed bug infestations than you do during the hot summer months, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still a problem. Because they live in our homes and feed on our blood, bed bugs are a year-round pest problem and not just in the greater New York City and northern New Jersey area.

Consider the following bed bug sightings from recent news reports:

• Bed bugs have been found in a junior high school in wealthy Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

• Bed bugs shut down the University of Utah library. • Bed bugs have become a serious problem at some NJ residential healthcare facilities for the mentally ill.

• Bed bugs disrupted bus service in North Platte, Nebraska.

• Bed bugs forced the Denver, Colorado school system to close a major high school campus.

• Bed bugs closed a popular Milwaukee multi-screen movie theater.

Bed bugs are here to stay. Keeping your home or business bed bug-free requires year-round vigilance. Visit our website for valuable tips on protecting yourself from bed bugs.