Bed Bugs Putting the Bite to Schools

No mention of a possible Emmy nomination yet, but bed bugs made their television debut last week on NBC’s The Michael J. Fox Show in an episode aptly titled “Bed Bugs.” Fortunately, the nasty blood-sucking insects didn’t make an on-camera appearance; but they served as comedic fodder for the family sitcom when a bed bug infestation in Mike’s sister’s apartment forces Leigh to move in with Mike and his family.

Given the comedic nature of the show, it’s not surprising that the episode dwells more on sibling rivalry and family ties than bed bugs. After all, there’s nothing funny about finding bed bugs invading your apartment. But it’s too bad the writers didn’t impart a few bed bug facts to the viewing audience. The most egregious of the fact errors was the scene where Mike attempts to fumigate his sister’s apartment himself.

Exterminating bed bugs is job for experienced NJ pest control professionals. Insecticides available on the home market are not powerful enough to kill modern pesticide-resistant bed bugs. At best, do-it-yourself attempts to exterminate bed bugs will send these insects into hiding or, in multi-family buildings, force them into neighboring apartments.

Don’t let bed bugs put the bite on you. For the facts about bed bugs and bed bug extermination, visit the Stern Environmental website.