There’s No Such Thing as One Coackroach

If you should spot a cockroach scurrying across the floor of your establishment,  don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s an isolated incident. Thanks to their quick rate of reproduction, it’s certain that by the time you see the first, there are many more not far behind.

These nocturnal insects love to hunker down out of sight in dark, moist areas, avoiding light and people. Seeing one during the day is a good indication that it’s been forced out of its hiding spot due to overcrowding.

Cockroaches thrive on food scraps and other waste materials, making them prime carriers of germs and disease. The problem is compounded by their habit of leaving fecal matter behind as a sort of trail marker, which creates damage from stains and odor and attracts even more cockroaches.

Their name has become a shorthand term for any stubborn, hard-to-eliminate pest. They’re small and quick enough to elude any physical attempts to get rid of them. Any nook and cranny regardless of size is big enough to house them. They’ve also become resistant to many pesticides, making do-it-yourself treatments ineffectual.

The trained technicians of Stern Environmental Group are experienced at safely removing all traces of cockroaches. If your New York City or New Jersey commercial property is showing signs of infestation, contact us for information on prompt treatment.