Bed Bug Experts Rate Do-It-Yourself Products

Since bed bugs started resurfacing in the U.S., the nasty blood-suckers aren’t the only things creeping out of the woodwork. A host of home remedies and homegrown products claiming to kill bed bugs are being marketed. Bed bug experts attending Entomology 2013 had two words of advice for consumers: “Buyer beware!”

In tests by a Rutgers University research team, most of the do-it-yourself bed bug treatments tested failed to deliver on their promises. For example, one of the most popular home remedies, rubbing alcohol, killed fewer than half of the exposed adult bed bugs and none of the immature bed bugs or eggs. Results with moth balls were equally ineffective.

Pest control professionals say the fact that adult, immatures and eggs respond differently to treatment methods is one of the things that makes bed bug extermination such a challenge. Professional chemicals used to kill bed bugs have no effect on eggs, necessitating multiple treatments to kill successive generations. That’s one of the big advantages of Stern’s Cyronite system. Unlike other bed bug extermination treatments, Cryonite instantly kills bed bugs at all phases of development, including bed bug eggs.

Professional treatment by an experienced bed bug expert is the best way to exterminate bed bug infestations, but conference experts also recommended a few DYI products. We’ll reveal their recommendations next time.