Bed Bugs Still #1 on List of Most Unwanted Pests

Bed bugs still top the list of America’s most unwanted pests and probably will continue to remain pest control enemy No. 1 for the foreseeable future. That was the verdict of pest control researchers, pest management professionals and manufacturers of pest control products who gathered in Denver, Colorado late last year for the 2013 International Bed Bug Summit sponsored by the National Pest Management Association and BedBug Central.

While controlling these noxious blood-sucking pests remains the pest control community’s greatest challenge, bed bug control experts say they’ve come a long way in understanding what makes these apple-seed sized insects tick and are making progress in controlling and exterminating these pests. Bed bugs have been a thorn in the pest control community’s side since they re-emerged as a problem pest in the mid-2000s after being virtually exterminated in the U.S. after World War II by the use of DDT, a now-banned toxic pesticide. Today, bed bugs are found in all 50 states.

In a 2013 survey by University of Kentucky entomologist Michael Potter, the country’s foremost bed bug expert, 76% of pest control professionals named bed bugs THE most difficult pest to control. The survey also revealed that bed bugs, initially a problem primarily in large metro areas and hotels and motels, are now regularly being found in non-residential areas.

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Beware of Bed Bugs in Rented Furniture

Five Ohio families got an unwelcome “bonus gift” when they rented or purchased furniture from a local Rent-A-Center. Furniture rental stores do a brisk business over the holidays when people need extra beds for visiting friends and family members. In hot demand are rollaway beds, cribs, highchairs, booster seats, car seats and other baby paraphernalia that is too bulky to be carried aboard a plane. Rental stores also take advantage of holiday shopping to sell off old or excess stock.

Buying used is a time-honored strategy for keeping expenses down, but the resurgence of bed bugs in the U.S. over the past decade has added an unwelcome element of risk to the practice. The chance of brining home a bed bug-infested couch or bunk beds has made people more circumspect about used furniture.

In most cities today, people are warned not to take home furniture, especially mattresses, placed at the curb for trash pick up and to closely inspect thrift store furniture before purchase. But rental centers can pose an even bigger threat. Furniture that travels from home to home simply stands a better chance of coming into contact with bed bugs. If you happened to rent furniture over the holidays, there’s a chance your home could already be infested.

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New ‘Winter Roach’ Invades NYC

New York City rolls out the welcome mat for millions of visitors each year, but city health officials wish they could send one visitor packing. A cockroach species that thrives in cold weather has been found in the Big Apple’s unique High Line Park. Native to the cold northern regions of Asia, Periplaneta Japonica most likely arrived hidden in the soil of imported landscape plants used to turn the old elevated train tracks on the lower west side into a green space.

First seen in 2012 by an exterminator treating the exterior of a building on the High Line, the roach species is new to the U.S. Rutgers University biologists used DNA tests to identify the species, making the High Line discovery the first confirmed sighting of Periplaneta Japonica in the U.S.

Unlike America’s native cockroach population which can only survive winter by moving indoors, this Asian immigrant (and its eggs and offspring) can survive outdoors even when the temperature plunges below freezing. Unlike U.S. roaches, Periplaneta Japonica has the ability to walk on ice and snow, a talent that should not only increase cockroach activity in the city during the winter but also allow this species to spread to new sites in New Jersey and beyond more easily.

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Bed Bug Protection Products that Work

If bed bugs invade your New Jersey home or New York City business, the nation’s top bed bug experts agree that professional treatment by an experienced, state-licensed bed bug expert is the only sure way to exterminate these hard-to-kill blood-sucking insects. Asked about the proliferation of homegrown bed bug products that have appeared on the market since bed bugs made their U.S. comeback a decade ago, experts attending the recent Entomology 2013 conference cautioned consumers, noting that while there are a few stellar products that work, many bed bug products fail to live up to their promises.

As noted in our previous post, laboratory testing by a Rutgers University research team has shown alcohol and moth balls, two popular home remedies, to be completely ineffective in killing bed bugs. However, the Rutgers team did found some bed bug products that live up to their claims, including:

Protect-A-Bed bed bug bite-proof mattress covers and box spring encasements, the gold standard in bed bug protection;

Heat chambers and portable heat units; and

• Extreme cold produced by liquid carbon dioxide, the active agent that makes Stern’s Cryonite such an effective bed bug exterminator.

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