Manhattan Workers ‘Getting Eaten Alive’ by Bed Bugs

An employee’s itchy shoulder led to the discovery of a bed bug infestation at the New York Department of Financial Services in Lower Manhattan not long ago. As reported by the New York Daily News, when Verna Fulton took a look at her shoulder she found it covered in nasty red welts, the result of bed bug bites.

“I said, ‘What on Earth? We’re getting eaten alive in here!’” Fulton said.

Fulton wasn’t the only worker bitten. Even worse, employees found out this wasn’t the first time bed bugs had been reported in the building. DFS employees were understandably angry when they discovered that the government complex was known to have a bed bug problem before DFS started moving its employees into the building.

The incident illustrates one of the most frustrating problems building managers face in trying to control bed bugs. These tiny apple seed sized insects are able to slip through small cracks and hide where typical pest control products can’t reach them. An exterminator unfamiliar with treating bed bugs is likely to miss a few and fail to make the repeated return trips necessary to kill newly hatched nymphs.

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