ZappBug Portable Bed Bug Killing Chambers Revolutionize War on Bed Bugs

Bed bug victims throw away millions of dollars of bed bug infested furniture, clothing, luggage and other items every year rather than risk reinfestation. Outside of removing furniture and possessions to offsite locations for professional treatment, which can be expensive; there have been few reliable and affordable options for treating bed bug infested furniture and personal possessions onsite — until now.

Now available from Stern’s online store, ZappBug offers two portable heating chambers for onsite bed bug extermination that are revolutionizing the war on bed bugs. Designed to be portable, affordable, reliable, safe and easy to use by either consumers or professionals, ZappBug heat chambers use killing heat to exterminate bed bugs and their eggs.

Designed for home use, the ZappBug Heater is the perfect solution for treating sensitive items, such as children’s toys, dry-cleanable fabrics and shoes. Large enough to treat small carry-on luggage, the ZappBug Heater offers frequent travelers peace of mind. Buy it from the Stern store for $199.95 with free shipping.

Designed for commercial use, the ZappBug Room is large enough to treat a sofa or shelves of stacked items. Easy to carry, the unit sets up in under 10 minutes. An excellent choice for building managers, condos and coops, store owners, hotels and professional exterminators, the ZappBug Room is available from Stern for $1,495 with free shipping.

Say good-bye to bed bugs and keep your stuff! Buy ZappBug heat chambers from Stern’s online store today.