Hints from Heloise: Call a Pro to Kill Bed Bugs

A recent Hints from Heloise column posted this query from “A Reader in Washington”:

“Dear Heloise: Is there an at-home remedy to get rid of bed bugs?”

“Sorry to give you not-so-good news,” Heloise responded. “There really isn’t any home remedy to get rid of bed bugs. Over-the-counter pesticides and bug removal products do not work.”

We’re pleased to see America’s go-to source for reliable home tips spreading the word about do-it-yourself bed bug treatment. Too many people are injuring themselves and putting their families at risk by trying to treat bed bugs themselves. The Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention recently reported a noticeable rise in reports of “acute illnesses” related to ”excessive insecticide application” by do-it-yourselfers trying to rid their homes or apartments of these blood-sucking pests.

Bed bugs are impervious to house and garden pesticides. Trying to kill bed bugs with household sprays or bug bombs will only send bed bugs into hiding and fill your home with toxic chemicals that can endanger the health of your family and pets. The only safe and effective methods of ridding your home or office of bed bugs are application of extreme cold using the Cryonite system, extended application of extreme heat or multiple applications of professional pesticides. In all cases, extermination should be performed only by a licensed pest control professional with proven expertise in successful bed bug extermination.

If you have bed bugs, call the bed bug experts at Stern Environmental for fast, non-toxic extermination.