Atlantic City Bed Bug Problem Going to the Dogs!

The Atlantic City council has called in the dogs to track down bed bugs at an Atlantic City, New Jersey senor housing complex. Plagued by an ongoing bed bug infestation that wasn’t being addressed by housing management, fed up residents and their family members finally took their complaints to the city council and demanded action.

Since then code enforcement officers have been inspecting the housing complex and were recently accompanied by a bed bug dog and its handler, according to Press of Atlantic City. Trained to sniff out bed bugs in the same way they are trained to detect drugs and explosives, bed bug dogs can thoroughly investigate a room in less time than a human technician who must rely on visual clues. This ability has made bed bug dogs a popular choice for inspecting hotels, resorts, apartment complexes and other multi-family buildings.

With a nose up to 100 times more sensitive than a human’s, a properly trained dog can detect bed bugs and their eggs hidden in furniture, under floorboards, inside clothing-jammed closets and other out-of-the-way places hidden from the view of human inspectors. Bed bug dogs can typically sniff out bed bugs within a three-foot radius and can often zero in on these blood-sucking pests more precisely.

Of course, locating bed bugs is just the first step. Inspections should be closely followed by bed bug extermination services provided by an experienced NYC/NJ bed bug expert.