Are Bed Bugs Still a Serious Problem in NY and NJ?

Perhaps you’re living in New York or New Jersey, and you’ve heard stories from other people about their experience with bed bugs. You might be wondering if bed bugs are still a problem in our part of the country.

Unfortunately, they are, and anyone is at risk for an infestation. The probability of getting bed bugs increases however, based on certain behaviors.

Frequent Hotel Visits

If you like to travel frequently, you’re at a greater risk for taking a few bed bugs home with you. To lessen your risk, ask if the hotel has ever had a bed bug problem, and avoid putting your suitcase directly on the bed.

Frequent Overnight Guests

Not everyone has a reaction to bed bug bites, so if you have an overnight guest who has bed bugs at home, but no bites, they can easily spread bed bugs to your house. Be cautious about anyone you allow to stay overnight in your home.

Neighbors With A Bed Bug Problem

Because many people attempt to treat a bed bug infestation themselves, bed bugs can easily spread to your home if a neighbor has them. For example, a bed bug bomb causes them to scatter, which can make the situation worse for you.

Don’t let bed bugs steal your sleep. If you suspect an infestation, contact a NY/NJ pest control specialist today.

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