How to Prepare Your Room for Bed Bug Treatment

Hearing the words “bed bug” is one thing, finding them in your home can ruin a perfectly good day. For such tiny pests, bed bugs can dig in their heels and pack a big wallop in upsetting your cozy home environment.

Bed Bug Issues

An infestation of bed bugs is tantamount to having an army running rampant through your home. These wingless pests are night predators and prefer the taste of human blood as their main course.

Bed bugs are found in many places in the home, office, restaurants, summer camps, theaters, schools, and hotels, just to name a few. The infiltration of these biting/itching pests requires treatment using extermination techniques and specialized products.

Early detection is key in addressing these gargantuan – only in aggravation – bugs. Using the services of the Stern Environmental Group puts you, your home, and your family in qualified hands to eradicate these tiny home wreckers.

Signs of Bed Bugs

  • Sheets, quilts, sofa throws and chair covers may show evidence of bed bugs due to rusty spots left by bugs.
  • White clusters with anywhere of 200 to 500 eggs the size of a pea may also be found on material and linens.
  • Bed bugs give off a distinct odor.
  • If you wake up with red itching welts or sores, have your home inspected.

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