Video of Rats Crawling on Donuts Shuts Down Store

When a cell phone video of rats crawling over the donuts at a Dunkin Donuts in Midtown went viral on YouTube, New York City Health Department inspectors quickly shut down the store. The health department’s inspection of the Dunkin Donuts at 37th and 8th found “conditions that could not be corrected at the time of the inspection, including a severe rodent infestation that requires professional pest control services,” ABC News reported.

The brief video shows a rat nibbling on the croissants and then climbing down the trays of freshly made donuts to sample the glazed. According to the ABC report, morning customers also saw rats on window sills inside the store.

Rats are a pervasive commercial pest that carry and spread serious diseases that are harmful to humans. Extraordinary climbers, jumpers and swimmers, rats can squeeze through small openings and gnaw through plastic, wood, cinderblock, brick and soft metals. They eat everything humans eat and quite a few other things.

Once they find a way into your business, rats breed and multiply quickly. Particularly in the food and restaurant industries, regular commercial pest management services are typically required to keep your business free of rats. Don’t risk a health code violation and loss of your customers. Call Stern today for information about our rat eradication services.

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