Paramedics Finding Bed Bugs in Ambulances

Bed bugs have been a frequent problem at firehouses for a number of years. Firefighters pick up the blood-sucking pests while fighting fires in infested buildings. Bed bugs hitchhike back to the firehouse on clothing and equipment and infest bunks.

Bed Bugs Enter Ambulances with Patients

Paramedics are experiencing similar problems with bed bugs infesting ambulances. When paramedics treat patients living in an infested home or apartment, bed bugs can be transported into the ambulance along with the patient. The tiny insects may be clinging to the patient’s clothing or may hide in medical bags and equipment while paramedics are examining the patient in his home. When the patient is carried into the ambulance, the bed bugs come along for the ride.

Once in the ambulance, bed bugs can crawl into cracks and crevices to hide, coming out to nibble on the paramedics or next patient. Professional extermination is of needed to de-bug ambulances and other infested vehicles.

Bed Bug Drug Hoax Debunked

Don’t be fooled! If you heard those stories about kids getting high by smoking or snorting crushed bed bugs, take a deep breath. It was an April Fool’s hoax. Pranksters altered a television station video about drug use and posted it on YouTube. The only thing you can get from bed bugs are itchy bites! Get the facts on the hoax-busting website

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