Make Sure Bed Bugs Don’t Return Home with Your College Student

An attorney for students at the University of Texas at Arlington, Keisha Ware has been complaining about unresponsive landlords who fail to protect her clients from bed bug infestations. In the past year, Ware’s bed bug-battling student clients have lived in both on-campus and off-campus apartments. While UT responds to bed bug complaints on its properties, the campus newspaper The Shorthorn indicates that it takes time to schedule pest control treatment. Response by off-campus landlords can be considerably less helpful.

Bed Bugs on Campus

Unless your child is a student at UTA, why is this news important? Because college students are on their way home for the summer and what is happening in Texas is happening in college communities across the U.S. Bed bugs have become a serious and repetitive problem on college campuses, infesting dormitories and on- and off-campus apartments. If bed bug activity has been reported on your child’s college campus (and even if it hasn’t been), he could be bringing bed bugs or bed bug eggs home with him when he returns home.

Protect Your Family

You can help prevent bed bugs from migrating from your child’s laundry and possessions into your home, but taking the precautions outlined in our article on bed bugs on campus. If you see any indication of bed bugs, call the bed bug extermination experts at Stern for professional identification and treatment.