How Has Bed Bug Control Changed?

Bed bugs live up to their name … and then some. Though  they’re most associated with an infestation of bed sheets and mattresses, these tiny and irritating pests also show up on sofas and other furniture in the home, and may also frequent restaurants, schools, camps and other places people gather.

Beyond setting up shop and breeding in your environment, bed bugs have a specific goal – to feed on as much blood as they can get from the humans and pets in the home. It takes more than a can of bug spray to eradicate these predators. It takes the power of today’s solutions, such as Cryonite®, a carbon dioxide treatment that kills bed bugs by rapid freezing, yet is non-toxic to humans and pets in the home.

Even after Cryonite kills bed bugs already hatched, it goes on to destroy the insects in all life stages including eggs that other insecticide treatments do not kill. Other technology, like bed bug monitors, helps identify potential infestation before it can take hold.

Is bed bug control for you?
If you’ve noticed the signs of bed bugs in your home or business – the eggs are tiny organisms the size of a grain of rice, and hatched bed bugs are tiny, reddish creatures about a quarter-inch long – then it’s time to rely on the proven services of a leading bed bug control expert in NYC and NJ.