What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Identifying The Problem
Identifying The Problem

What is Integrated Pest Management? Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the most complete form of pest control available. IPM addresses pest and rodent problems using three common sense techniques:

  1. Inspection
    Inspecting your business for signs of infestation and damage identifies active pest problems.
  2. Identification
    Identifying the type and number of pests present is key to determining the most effective management strategy.
  3. Treatment
    Professional treatment, combining multiple pest control techniques, increases treatment effectiveness. Treatments include:

    • Biological controls
      The use of natural enemies of pests, such as predators, competitors, parasites, and pathogens.
    • Cultural controls
      Controlling factors that affect pest establishment, reproduction, dispersal, and survival, such as water and food.
    • Mechanical/physical controls
      Barriers and traps, such as adding screens and sealing holes, mulching to control weeds, and removing aging lumbar and debris are all examples of mechanical/physical controls.
    • Chemical controls
      The minimal use of appropriate chemicals in conjunction with the above methods offers a long-term solution.

Does my business need Integrated Pest Management?
Don’t lose the investment you’ve made in your business. Rodent and pest issues can ruin your reputation. Proper IPM techniques protect your bottom line and good name, preventing health and safety risks resulting from pest infestation.

Don’t settle for a one size fits all pest control approach. Trust in the professionals at Stern Environmental Group for the most comprehensive solution to your New Jersey business’ unique pest control needs.

Keep Your Business Pest-Free With Cryonite

How Cryonite Can Help You
How Cryonite Can Help You

Commercial environments have unique pest control needs, and your hotel, motel, or apartment complex is no exception. Want to stand out from the competition and keep bed bugs at bay? You can rely on Cryonite.

What is Cryonite?
Cryonite is an innovative, non-chemical treatment that proactively prevents bed bug infestation. How? Cryonite prevents bed bugs from taking up residence at your commercial property with the help of CO2 (carbon dioxide).  Cryonite rapidly freezes bed bugs, killing them in all life stages, including eggs, without the use of insecticides.

Don’t let bedbugs wreak havoc on your bottom line.
Bed bug problems equal bad publicity for your business, and infestations can really take a toll on your bottom line. Our unique Cryonite treatment:

  • Kills adults, nymphs, and eggs, including insecticide resistant bed bugs .
  • Can penetrate behind headboards and into cracks and crevices.
  • Discreetly protects your reputation and your guests’ safety.
  • Minimizes downtime, allowing for the reuse of rooms immediately following treatment.
  • Is environmentally friendly, reducing the risks associated with insecticidal treatments.
  • Prevents reputation-damaging media coverage and lawsuits.

Eradicate these stubborn pests with the help of Stern Environmental Group, one of the first firms in the U.S. to utilize this cutting-edge system. The top bed bug exterminators in the New York City metro area, Stern Environmental Group provides quality commercial pest control services at an affordable price.

Time To Get A New Estimate For Services?

Pest Control
Pest Control

If you’re a business owner, it’s smart to periodically assess the performance and cost of your business service providers. You probably conduct annual cost analyses of office supply, shipping, equipment rental and other regular expenses; but have you reviewed your pest management services lately?

Same Old Pests

We humans seem to have a bias against change. Many business owners find it easier to stick with the same pest control company than take time to compare what they’re getting with what other firms are offering. There’s a tendency to think that since common commercial pests haven’t changed much over the years, neither have the methods and products used to exterminate them.

New Solutions

As leading commercial pest control professionals know, that’s faulty thinking. Science and technology continue to improve pest extermination equipment and techniques. Cryonite, for example, is one of the new, green, completely non-toxic extermination methods being used to eliminate bed bugs and cockroaches without the use of chemicals. Its application in hospitals, senior housing, schools and other sensitive environments has been a game changer.

The success of integrated pest management has also proven the value of designing integrated pest control solutions for specific environments. If you haven’t reviewed your commercial pest control services lately or don’t have an IPM plan, give us a call and find out what Stern Environmental Group can do for you.

Are Bed Bugs Keeping You Up At Night?

Bed Bug Control
Bed Bug Control

Tiny vampire bugs creeping into your bed at night to suck your blood as you sleep — cue the spooky music! It may sound like a trailer for a horror movie, but this is the real-life nightmare people live when their home is invaded by bed bugs. Waking up in the middle of the night to find bed bugs crawling in your bed and your body dotted with bed bug bites induces panic and can make it impossible to get a good night’s sleep.

What Not To Do

The worst thing you can do is drag your mattress to the curb and start sleeping on a different bed or on the couch. Bed bugs are attracted to body heat and will track you down, spreading the infestation through your home. The smart way to cope with a bed bug invasion is to call an experienced bed bug exterminator to eliminate the problem.

Sleep Better

Two products can help you get a decent night’s sleep until the last bed bug is exterminated:

  1. Bed Bug Moat and similar products slip under bed legs, trapping bed bugs before they can climb into your bed.
  2. Protect-A-Bed encasements completely enclose your mattress, box springs and bed pillows in bite-proof, escape-proof envelopes that trap bed bugs inside until they die.

End the horror with bed bug-killing products from Stern’s online marketplace.

Is Your Business Protected from Stinging Insect Lawsuits?

Stinging Insect Lawsuits
Stinging Insect Lawsuits

Many business owners are very careful about making sure their properties are safe from hazardous issues that could result in the injury of one of their staff members or a customer. However, far too many of them don’t think about the possible lawsuits that could arise from stinging insects that were not removed properly.

Provoking Bees

Most bees don’t bother humans unless they are provoked. However, they may feel threatened if someone walks too close to their nests. Children will also often play carelessly around bees nests that they don’t realize are close by. The result can be painful stings, which sometimes result in allergic reactions.

Fatal Bee Stings

A person who has never been stung by a bee might not be aware of an allergy. Allergic reactions are worse when a person is stung many times, as is often the case when that person inadvertently stumbles upon a beehive. The result can be severe itching, difficulty breathing or even death.

As a business owner, it’s important to ensure that your property remains free from all potential problems, and in the spring and summer, that means it’s time to think about removing beehives.

When it comes to commercial pest control and dealing with unwanted bees, it’s best to leave things in the hands of a professional. To make an appointment with us, contact us today.