Why Do You Need a Commercial Pest Control Expert Versus Just Any Pest Control Firm?

Commercial Pest Control Experts
Commercial Pest Control Experts

Treating problem pests in commercial environments requires specialized knowledge of and adherence to state and federal guidelines that ensure workplace safety. Commercial pest control products and procedures used to exterminate and control pests in offices, warehouses, factories, health care and hospitality environments are tightly regulated and regularly monitored by state and federal agencies.

Higher Professional Standards

At Stern Environmental Group, we feel that government oversight coupled with the greater scope of commercial pest control services — which can affect the health and safety of dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people — necessitates higher professional standards and a greater level of professional vigilance than many residential pest control companies offer.

Commercial Expertise Benefits

Both our commercial and residential clients benefit from our commercial pest control expertise, as evidenced by:

  • Our expert knowledge of pest biology and behavior.
  • Our commitment to the continuing education of our staff.
  • Our dedication to seeking out and field testing the latest pest control products and technology.
  • Our proven expertise in commercial pest control and Integrated Pest Management.

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