Don’t Spray That Bee or Wasp Nest!

Stinging Insect Nest
Stinging Insect Nest

When you come upon a bee or wasp nest, one of the first responses most people have is getting out the spray to kill them before getting rid of the nest. However, before you pick up that can, there are a few things you should consider before taking matters into your own hands.

You Probably Lack Information

Many people aren’t sure about the different types of bees or wasps, so they don’t know what they’re dealing with when they spray a nest. Stinging insect nests can actually be built into a structure, so removing them is often a job for a professional.

Bees Can Be Good for the Environment

Killing honeybees is never a good idea because we need them! These bees pollinate our flowers, and help keep our world beautiful. If relocation is a possibility, it’s always best to explore it. Other bees may need professional extermination. But, you may not know which type of bee (beneficial or problematic) you have.

You Risk Getting Stung

Some bees don’t sting, but many of them do. When bees feel threatened, they’re likely to sting you, or anyone around you. Bee stings can result in an allergic reaction even if you’ve never had one before.

When it comes to pest control, it’s best to leave bees and other stinging insects in the hands of professionals. If you have a bee problem on your property, a professional pest control expert can attack the problem safely and quickly. For more information on our bee control services, please contact us today.