Is Your Business Protected from Stinging Insect Lawsuits?

Stinging Insect Lawsuits
Stinging Insect Lawsuits

Many business owners are very careful about making sure their properties are safe from hazardous issues that could result in the injury of one of their staff members or a customer. However, far too many of them don’t think about the possible lawsuits that could arise from stinging insects that were not removed properly.

Provoking Bees

Most bees don’t bother humans unless they are provoked. However, they may feel threatened if someone walks too close to their nests. Children will also often play carelessly around bees nests that they don’t realize are close by. The result can be painful stings, which sometimes result in allergic reactions.

Fatal Bee Stings

A person who has never been stung by a bee might not be aware of an allergy. Allergic reactions are worse when a person is stung many times, as is often the case when that person inadvertently stumbles upon a beehive. The result can be severe itching, difficulty breathing or even death.

As a business owner, it’s important to ensure that your property remains free from all potential problems, and in the spring and summer, that means it’s time to think about removing beehives.

When it comes to commercial pest control and dealing with unwanted bees, it’s best to leave things in the hands of a professional. To make an appointment with us, contact us today.