Time To Get A New Estimate For Services?

Pest Control
Pest Control

If you’re a business owner, it’s smart to periodically assess the performance and cost of your business service providers. You probably conduct annual cost analyses of office supply, shipping, equipment rental and other regular expenses; but have you reviewed your pest management services lately?

Same Old Pests

We humans seem to have a bias against change. Many business owners find it easier to stick with the same pest control company than take time to compare what they’re getting with what other firms are offering. There’s a tendency to think that since common commercial pests haven’t changed much over the years, neither have the methods and products used to exterminate them.

New Solutions

As leading commercial pest control professionals know, that’s faulty thinking. Science and technology continue to improve pest extermination equipment and techniques. Cryonite, for example, is one of the new, green, completely non-toxic extermination methods being used to eliminate bed bugs and cockroaches without the use of chemicals. Its application in hospitals, senior housing, schools and other sensitive environments has been a game changer.

The success of integrated pest management has also proven the value of designing integrated pest control solutions for specific environments. If you haven’t reviewed your commercial pest control services lately or don’t have an IPM plan, give us a call and find out what Stern Environmental Group can do for you.