Will You be Traveling this Summer? Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home!

Don't Bring Home These Unwanted Guests
Don’t Bring Home These Unwanted Guests

If you’re planning a vacation this summer, you’ve probably been very careful to choose your hotel to avoid bringing home pests like bed bugs. The problem is that even four star hotels can harbor bed bugs, so to ensure your safety, you’ll want to take a few extra measures.

Inspect the Room

Before you bring your luggage into your hotel room, inspect it carefully for bed bugs or signs of bed bugs. Pull back each layer of blankets and look carefully for bugs or blood stains. Check the mattress closely, and be sure to check the seams.

Notify Management of a Problem

If you suspect the room has bed bugs, let hotel management know immediately. You can ask for a new room if you’re comfortable with that, but inspect that one too. It might be a better solution to ask for a refund and take your belongings elsewhere.

Carefully Wash Clothes When You Return

When you get back home, launder everything in hot water and dry it on a hot setting. You might even consider spraying your luggage just to ensure it’s safe before you bring it inside.

When it comes to bed bug control, sometimes you just can’t avoid a problem. If you believe you have a bed bug infestation, it’s important to have an inspection right away. Contact us today for an appointment.

Can Squirrels be Black or White?

The Squirrels
The Squirrels

Squirrels can be entertaining to watch as they scamper from tree to tree, chasing, playing, and having an all out good time. Depending on where you live, many people are only familiar with the grey and red variations of the Eastern Grey and Eastern Fox squirrel that live in abundance in backyard environments, parks, and forests throughout eastern and southeastern U.S.

There are also two other squirrels on the color spectrum; black and white. Both are interesting in their own way.

Black Squirrels

Information about where black squirrels originated is limited but one of the conclusions is they were introduced to specific regions making them more “regional-based” versus other species of squirrels. Black squirrels tend to be primarily black but may have white-tipped ears and tail, and a white face.

White Squirrels

Solid white or albino squirrels are rare. The lack of colors that blend with the environment is considered to be a genetic anomaly that unfortunately puts them in danger. The stark white color makes them easily seen by predators.White squirrel populations exist in Canada, and in the U.S. in Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Regardless of a squirrel’s color, like any wild critter, squirrels can cause extensive damage to your home if they decide to set up residence in your attic. Whenever you have squirrels that need to be removed, contact Stern Environmental Group for professional assistance.

Squirrels and Attics – It’s Love at First Sight

Squirrel Control
Squirrel Control

For home or business owners, the sounds of little feet going pitter patter in the attic is a sure sign you have some furry residents, namely, squirrels, setting up house. Squirrels find the warm, quiet, and secure environment of an attic an oasis of comfort for storing food and producing offspring.

Setting up residence in an attic means a much safer living area than being outside in the snow, ice, extreme heat and rain. It also means not dealing with predators. If possible, squirrels will return repeatedly to the same location.

Squirrels can cause extensive damage by using extremely powerful jaws and biting power enabling them to chew and/or tear apart most any type of barrier including wood, aluminum, roof shingles, terra cotta, slate and fascia capping. Once inside, they especially enjoy chewing the wiring.

No attic is too large for the innovative creatures. They may work alone or as a group to get the job done and access to the attic completed in record time.

The nest building can go on for years without the help of professionals such as Stern Environmental Group. With their expert help, squirrels are humanely trapped and removed from the premises.

Whether you’re dealing with black, grey, or flying squirrels, the Stern staff is trained and experienced in handling the problem, large or small. Contact the New Jersey office for answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment.

Three Characteristics of the German Cockroach

The Cockroach
The Cockroach

No one likes to hear that they’ve become the victim of a cockroach infestation. If your home is being visited by these pests, you’re probably eager to get rid of of them as soon as possible.

German cockroaches are one of the most common species of cockroach, and they frequently invade human dwellings. Here are a few characteristics you can look for to determine whether or not your visitors are German cockroaches.

Where they hide – German cockroaches like warm, humid places within a home. You’re likely to find them in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

How they travel – More often than not, German cockroaches travel when bags or cardboard boxes are brought into a home. Sometimes they arrive on used appliances.

What they eat – Unfortunately, German cockroaches don’t require a specific type of diet. They’re not finicky at all, and they can feed on just about anything that’s available to them. That means everything from crumbs to toothpaste to the bindings of books is all fair game.

If you think you might have a German cockroach infestation, it’s important to contact a pest control specialist right way. These types of cockroaches do carry diseases, and their presence can cause an increase in asthma symptoms, so it’s important not to wait.

If you’d like to make an appointment for an inspection, please contact us today.

Three Characteristics of the American Cockroach

The American Cockroach
The American Cockroach

If you think your home or business is infested with cockroaches, you’re not alone. Cockroach infestation is a real problem in the United States. However, what should you look for when trying to identify whether what you have is a cockroach infestation or something else altogether?


Many people see cockroach droppings and assume they actually have a mouse problem because the droppings look so similar. If you’re not sure, look at the ends of the droppings. If they’re blunt and not pointed, you probably have a cockroach problem.


Female cockroaches actually lay their eggs within protective casings. These casings can contain around 16 eggs. When the eggs hatch, the babies can become adults in less than six months. They shed their skins as they grow.

Living Space

Cockroaches prefer warm, damp areas and they’re commonly found in sewers in larger cities. When they’re outdoors, you can find them in flower beds or on trees. However, it’s very easy for them to get into houses through cracks in doorways or windows. Once inside, they tend to head for the kitchen, bathroom or basement.

If you think you might have a cockroach infestation in your home or business, the best way to get rid of them for good is by contacting a professional. To make an appointment for your inspection and consultation, please contact us today.