Squirrels Can Do More Damage Than You Think

Squirrel Control
Squirrel Control

For an animal that only weighs a few pounds, squirrels can do an amazing amount of damage if they find a way into homes or commercial buildings. Squirrels are curious, determined and tenacious. If they find a small hole in your roof or loose piece of soffit, they will chew and pull until they can squeeze inside to set up housekeeping.

Constant Gnawing

With sharp, constantly growing teeth, squirrels must gnaw constantly to keep teeth sharp and at optimal eating length. Their powerful jaws allow squirrels to gnaw through roofing materials to access your attic. Once inside squirrels will chew on stored treasures, support beams, even electrical wires, posing a potential fire risk.

Mounting Damage

Squirrels can be extremely difficult to dislodge without the help of trained squirrel removal experts. And you will want to evict these unwelcome guests as quickly as possible or face mounting damage:

  • Nesting and accumulated urine and feces destroy attic insulation.
  • Hidden nuts and foraged food attract insect pests.
  • Holes gnawed into roofs can result in water damage.
  • Squirrels dig up flower beds and lawns foraging for food or storing nuts.
  • Squirrels can carry rabies, distemper and other harmful diseases and harbor disease-bearing fleas, ticks, mites and other parasites.

Don’t place yourself and your family or employees at risk. Call Stern Environmental Group for safe, humane, 24-hour emergency squirrel removal services.