Three Tell Tale Signs of a Bed Bug Problem

Telling If You Have Bedbugs
Telling If You Have Bedbugs

Like rats and roaches, bed bugs have become part of America’s urban landscape. Most New York City and northern New Jersey residents have encountered these blood-sucking pests at home or work or while traveling. Or they know someone who has suffered through the misery of a bed bug infestation in their apartment or office building.

Bed bug paranoia has people seeing bed bugs where none exist and misidentifying other insects as bed bugs. The only way to be certain you have bed bugs and not another pest problem is to call in the experts, but be on the look out for these three tell tale signs of a bed bug problem:

  1. Live bed bugs. If you wake up at night to find bed bugs crawling on your sheets or body, it’s time to call Stern’s extermination experts.
  2. Bed bug debris. Check your sheets and mattress and box springs for discarded molt skins, black fecal dots and blood smears, all signs of an active bed bug infestation.
  3. Bed bug bites. While only 50% of people react to bed bug bites, waking up with rows of “mosquito bites” more than once could be a sign of a bed bug infestation.

If you’re worried about bed bugs, don’t spend another sleepless night. Call the bed bug extermination experts at Stern Environmental Group for professional pest identification and extermination.