Squirrels and Attics – It’s Love at First Sight

Squirrel Control
Squirrel Control

For home or business owners, the sounds of little feet going pitter patter in the attic is a sure sign you have some furry residents, namely, squirrels, setting up house. Squirrels find the warm, quiet, and secure environment of an attic an oasis of comfort for storing food and producing offspring.

Setting up residence in an attic means a much safer living area than being outside in the snow, ice, extreme heat and rain. It also means not dealing with predators. If possible, squirrels will return repeatedly to the same location.

Squirrels can cause extensive damage by using extremely powerful jaws and biting power enabling them to chew and/or tear apart most any type of barrier including wood, aluminum, roof shingles, terra cotta, slate and fascia capping. Once inside, they especially enjoy chewing the wiring.

No attic is too large for the innovative creatures. They may work alone or as a group to get the job done and access to the attic completed in record time.

The nest building can go on for years without the help of professionals such as Stern Environmental Group. With their expert help, squirrels are humanely trapped and removed from the premises.

Whether you’re dealing with black, grey, or flying squirrels, the Stern staff is trained and experienced in handling the problem, large or small. Contact the New Jersey office for answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment.