Can Squirrels be Black or White?

The Squirrels
The Squirrels

Squirrels can be entertaining to watch as they scamper from tree to tree, chasing, playing, and having an all out good time. Depending on where you live, many people are only familiar with the grey and red variations of the Eastern Grey and Eastern Fox squirrel that live in abundance in backyard environments, parks, and forests throughout eastern and southeastern U.S.

There are also two other squirrels on the color spectrum; black and white. Both are interesting in their own way.

Black Squirrels

Information about where black squirrels originated is limited but one of the conclusions is they were introduced to specific regions making them more “regional-based” versus other species of squirrels. Black squirrels tend to be primarily black but may have white-tipped ears and tail, and a white face.

White Squirrels

Solid white or albino squirrels are rare. The lack of colors that blend with the environment is considered to be a genetic anomaly that unfortunately puts them in danger. The stark white color makes them easily seen by predators.White squirrel populations exist in Canada, and in the U.S. in Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Regardless of a squirrel’s color, like any wild critter, squirrels can cause extensive damage to your home if they decide to set up residence in your attic. Whenever you have squirrels that need to be removed, contact Stern Environmental Group for professional assistance.