How Do I Find Beekeeper?

Hate the thought of eliminating a honeybee swarm in your yard with all the problems plaguing the bee these days and all the benefits these insects provide? A beekeeper may offer an effective solution, removing and relocating the bees with your permission.

The first step in properly removing a honeybee swarm is verifying they are, in fact, honeybees.
A honeybee swarm simply looks like a large clump of honeybees. Honeybees do not live in holes in the ground or mud nests – these are wasps or yellow jackets. It is essential to properly identify honeybees is essential before calling a before calling a beekeeper out to your property.

Keeping Bees Alive But Far Away
Keeping Bees Alive But Far Away

Have honeybees? Find a beekeeper:

  • American Beekeeping Federation (ABF)
    This professional organization represents beekeepers nationwide and features lists of state beekeeping associations, research centers, and other organizations.
  • Grassroots organizations
    These organizations are run by beekeepers, featuring information on finding local beekeepers to obtain honey or wax, help with swarm removal and control, and protect bees.

  • Google
    Not much can’t be found by googling these days. Try these keywords:

    • Your city/state + beekeeping
    • Your city/state + honeybee swarm removal

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