Summer Pests in New Jersey

Summer Pests
Summer Pests

Summer in New Jersey doesn’t necessarily start on June 21. For a lot of commercial facilities, the season begins when the first summer pests start to appear.

Typical summer pests in the Garden State include some well-known names …

  • Wasps: Wasp stings are painful and can cause severe redness and swelling, as well as life-threatening allergic reactions.
  • Japanese beetles: These shiny green beetles with copper wings are deadly to roses, tress and 300 other plant species.

…and a few bugs that may be unfamiliar to you …

  • Scale pests: These tiny parasites suck the sap from landscape plants, killing the host.
  • Bagworms: These worms are recognizable the distinctive web-like nests they spin on tree limbs.
  • Stink bugs: True to their name, stink bugs emit a foul smell when captured – but the real danger is in the damage they cause to agricultural and landscape plants.

Fight back!
There’s no need for New Jersey summer pests to cause damage to your property, endanger your landscape and bother your staff and customers.

You can call on Stern Environmental Group, a fully licensed and insured full-service commercial pest management company. Our services are particularly significant to businesses like restaurants, hotels and motels, warehouses, office buildings, and any other facility where people do not want to encounter insects.

Contact Stern Environmental Group before summer pests turn into a year-round hassle.