Stern Environmental Introduces Stern Mold – an Easy Solution to a Dirty Problem

Protect Your Home From Mold
Protect Your Home From Mold

Animals and insects are not the only household threats found in nature. Mold infestation can develop quickly, creating a risk of allergic reactions and other health problems for you and your family. Now Stern Mold provides the same safe, effective treatment you’ve come to expect from Stern Environmental Group.

Traditional mold remediation involves the drastic step of removing and replacing any household surfaces that are affected by mold. This method is expensive, disruptive and really does nothing to address the prevention of future mold infestations. In fact, it can intensify the problem by causing mold spores to spread to other areas.

Stern Mold uses a safer, less invasive treatment called MoldExterm. This process uses an EPA-registered anti-microbial to destroy the mold followed by a patented polymer seal to sterilize surfaces and prevent mold from returning.

MoldExterm preserves the structural integrity of your home or office and is usually completed within one day. In addition, the process is covered by a service warranty for your peace of mind.

Stern is committed to providing safe and reliable solutions to any threats to your home or office, whether animal, insect or fungus and germ. Please visit our website to schedule an appointment for a free mold inspection.