Bed Bugs Follow MTA Worker Home

Following The Foodsource
Following The Foodsource

When bed bugs were spotted on a New York City MTA train, it seemed like just another bad day in the Big Apple. But the infestation and public panic started spreading as the blood-sucking pests were discovered on additional subway cars, forcing the MTA to remove five cars from service.

Out of the Frying Pan

It gets worse. One of the MTA workers who cleans trains on the bed bug-infested N line now has bed bugs in her Brooklyn home. The employee says she’s sure she picked up the hitchhiking pests at work and took them home to her apartment. The MTA did fumigate employee locker areas but too late for this woman who started complaining about bed bug bites two days before the MTA acted.

Into the Fire

“They’re all over me,” the woman told the New York Daily News. “I can’t even go back to work because I’ll be bringing them back with me and I like the people I’m working with.”

The woman asked the MTA to pay to exterminate her unwelcome house guests but was refused and told to talk to her landlord. With an MTA N-line conductor now reporting bed bugs in her Queens home, the incident may turn into a labor dispute.

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