Understanding Rodents – Rodent 101

Rodents 101
Rodents 101

A major part of rat control is understanding the way these rodents behave. Once you know what to look for, and you know how these pests tend to behave, you have a better chance of catching an infestation before it gets out of hand.

Fact #1: Rat-proofing your home or office is almost impossible -Even though they’re bigger than mice, rats can also sneak in through very tiny openings in the foundation of your home or business. Their teeth are sharp, and they’re even harder than iron. That means that gnawing through just about any material is very easy for them.

Fact #2: Rats are quite resilient – Rats do not die easily, which is why they’re so prevalent in big cities. They can easily adapt when they need to change environments, and they when it comes to needing water, they can go longer than a camel on a single drink.

Fact #3: Rats multiply quickly – Did you know that mating rats can produce as many as five litters of up to fifteen pups each and every year? That means they grow their numbers fairly quickly. All the more reason to not waste time when you need expert rat control.

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