The Best Way to Keep Your House Safe From Bedbugs

Bed Bug Protection
Bed Bug Protection

Nobody wants the nightmarish experience of a bed bug infestation in their home. Here are things you can do to prevent bed bugs from entering your home and controlling them quickly if they do:

Mattress Protection

Bed bugs love camping in mattresses and box springs. Encasement bags provide guaranteed protection because bed bugs cannot bite through the material or crawl inside. Your valuable mattresses and box springs will be preserved, and you’ll also take away bed bugs’ favorite hiding spots.

Know Where They Live

Bed bugs spread anywhere people commune, especially when upholstery or fabrics are involved. Be on guard when visiting hotels, movie theaters, public transportation, nursing homes, and similar environments.

Be cautious and do not bring garments or fabrics into your home if you think they may be hiding bed bugs. This may seem inconvenient, but a bed bug infestation is far worse.

Bed Bug Detection Products

Science and technology change the way we prepare for bed bugs. The Bed Bug Early Detection System (BEDS), for example, works as a glue trap that draws in bed bugs so you can know about them before they take over.

You can also buy bed bug fecal detection kits or even advanced bed bug monitoring devices to catch bed bugs or test for their presence.

If bed bugs have already entered your home, call Stern for fast, thorough control immediately.