Top Three Ant Pests that Bug NJ Businesses

Pesky Ants
Pesky Ants

Pests come in all shapes and sizes and one of the smallest and most annoying are ants. Not only are they clever, industrious, and master architects,  they can move fast, maneuver into the tiniest crevice, and magicians at infiltrating just about anything and everything.

Types of Ants

Three types of ants you’re likely to see skittering across in a variety of locations such as countertops, sidewalks, driveways, on walls, trees and plants, to name a few, include carpenter ants, pharaoh ants and pavement ants.


While carpenter ants won’t turn down a free meal of goodies, they are most destructive to wood structures. Carpenter ants like to build their nests in hollowed out dwellings where millions – yes millions – create extensive and well-managed and maintained colonies.


Pharaoh ants and their queen run the show when it comes to massive infestations. These nearly translucent pests are bacteria and pathogen carriers making them dangerous. They prefer sweets but will also chow down on fatty food, grease, and insects.


These tiny black bugs are opportunistic feeders and swarm as a group in search of tasty tidbits. They frequently nest under concrete slabs or wedged into cracks and crevices. To eradicate these pests, professional pest control services are the best option.

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