How To Prevent Rodents From Taking Refuge In Your Properties This Winter

Don't Let Mice and Rats Move In
Don’t Let Mice and Rats Move In

We can handle a rodent infestation swiftly and humanely, but everyone would prefer to keep mice and rats out of their office and grounds in the first place. Here are some tips to prepare as rodents begin approaching your property this fall:

Are you feeding rodents?

Mice and rats are opportunistic eaters—they’ll eat just about anything when hungry, especially when preparing for the New Jersey winter. Seal away pet food and human food in hard, airtight containers because rodents will chew through bags.

Seal off entry points

Mice and rats can squeeze through tiny openings. Use steel wool to plug holes and add plaster or wooden boards wherever necessary. Call us to inspect and find potential entry points if you have trouble finding them.

Don’t provide shelter

Many restaurant and business owners accidentally provide rodents with the perfect shelter. Cut any grass or weeds around your foundation. Don’t let lumber or stacks of cardboard sit around inside or next to the facility or building.

Know the signs of rodents

If you can identify the signs of rats or mice, you can act quickly and call us for control and removal solutions. Look for droppings, urine stains, and signs of chewing and eating. Another method is to scatter flour near potential hiding places and check for tracks later.

Had rodent problems before? Afraid they’re already inside? Call Stern Environmental for fast, safe, professional rodent control immediately.