Bed Bug Fall Resurgence

Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

The common bedbug (Cimex lectularius) is one of Mother Nature’s most insidious creatures. In fact, most homeowners don’t even know that they have then until the infestation becomes intolerable. This fact is even worse when those afflicted think that the worst is over because autumn season has finally arrived. Here’s the lowdown on the resurgence of bedbugs in the the fall and spring.

Like all insects, bedbugs look for a warm and comfortable place to live. In every case, the most attractive spots are inside your home – and the bed! – of some unsuspecting human. We’ve found that sometimes bed bugs may not be as active in the winter and appear to become more active in the fall and spring. This is not a seasonality issue but rather one we think driven by the humidity within your home.

It is interesting to know that we are currently receiving more calls for bed bug extermination and that typically these calls will slow down in November all the way to February and then pick up again with a vengeance in early spring.

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