NJ Cockroach Crisis

Cockroach Problems
Cockroach Problems

Cockroaches are a nuisance, on many level. They’re creepy, crawly, and carry a variety of germs, and now they’re in your multi-family property or business.

Whenever you see cockroaches zipping up the wall, skittering across the floor, or exploring your break room counter, it’s time to call Stern Environmental Group for an inspection.

These pesky insects are known carriers of bacteria, disease and allergens that increase the severity of asthma attacks, especially in children. According to the National Pest Management Association, “one in five children in the U.S. have severe sensitivities to cockroach allergens, which can cause or increase the severity of asthma symptoms.” This is not good news.

Cockroaches are heat seekers. They prefer moist locations that offer both warmth and darkness. The summer is the height of the infestation season because of increased temperatures. Once established in your property, you’ll see the pesky insects throughout the year.

With help from Stern Environmental Group, our professional technicians will implement a pest control program that works effectively to eradicate your cockroach problems. One of the products Stern uses is Cryonite, a non toxic, odorless, green control system that kills cockroaches instantly.

If your multi-family units are being overrun by six-legged cockroaches or other types of bugs, flying insects, rodents, or wildlife is roving your open spaces, we have a program designed to handle your specific situation.

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