New Legislation May Save Bees from Pests

Honeybee Protection Legislation
Honeybee Protection Legislation

In keeping with watching legislation for pesticides, Stern Environmental is watching the news for you. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have recognized that the factors causing honey bee losses are complex. They include nutrition, pesticides, pathogens and genetics. However, the the USDA and the EPA have also stated that the Varroa mite is the most detrimental pest to honey bees in the United States.

About the Varroa Mite
The Varroa mite is a small reddish-brown parasite that feeds on the hemolymph of honeybees. The cuts it makes on the bodies of bees can cause infections. These mites enter the brood cells before they are capped and will lay eggs inside while also feeding on the growing bee.

Bee Health Legislation
A bill introduced by congressman Austin Scott, R-Ga., seeks to increase the availability of products that would help to control Varroa mites and other threats to bee health. The bill would expedite the EPAs review of products for improving the health of bees. Products designated as reduced risk pesticides would have review times shortened by three months.

Honeybees provide over $15 billion dollars in increased value to crops every year, which makes the control of Varroa mites extremely important. However, it is important to note that honeybees can infest your property. If this occurs, they should not be treated as pests; instead, their hives should be removed carefully. Although Stern specializes in pest bee control; we can put you in touch with the proper person to remove and relocate honeybees as they are protected by law and we do not exterminate them. Please contact us to get honeybee hives safely removed.