Are Movie Theaters the Next Place You’ll Get BedBugs?

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Are Movie Theaters the Next Place You’d Get Bed Bugs?

Movie theaters make an unfortunately perfect place for bed bugs to live. Think about it:
•    Theater seats are usually covered in upholstery, which bed bugs love.
•    Bed bugs come out at night, so they are active in dark theaters.
•    Thousands of people visit your local theater, greatly increasing the chances of someone bringing them in.

A bed bug infestation in California recently caused panic for a couple who were terribly bitten while watching a movie at a Regal Cinemas in Hollywood. The husband’s arm was thoroughly covered in red, itchy bites and his wife had also been bitten.

The theater refused to confirm or deny the allegations, so the local community could not be sure whether the problem was ever addressed.

Bed bugs have popped up in cinemas, hotels and other large public places in Manhattan and throughout the NYC area in recent years, too.

We call them “bed bugs” because they love to burrow into mattresses, but there are tons of places that have bed bugs.

The couple in California was caught off guard by bed bug bites. You can be better prepared:
•    Be aware and careful when visiting public places
•    Know the signs of an infestation
•    Protect your health and property by acting quickly

If you come home from a movie theater and feel itchy, check your skin and clothes immediately! Call Stern Environmental at 888.887.8376 for fast, safe bed bug treatments before things get worse.